I love writing, sport and music.

I'm an aspiring journalist and I have wanted to be one since I was a kid - I've been honing my interviewing skills and inquisitive nature from a young age!

I'm driven by a passion to share the important news to the public, and I one day wish to become a reputable journalist who can provide a fair, balanced and accurate voice on sports and music. This has led me to pursuing a degree in journalism. Through my experiences with scholarships and internships, I have become a well-rounded writer and reporter who can cover a wide range of topics.

Almanac NFL: Julian Edelman – the perfect big game player

He always popped up at important moments. Nudging away from a defender, dropping a deadly side-step into space. His worn, well-worked hands seemed to just attract the ball at the most vital of times, like magnets willing the quarterback to trust in him. Not too many players in NFL history can retire with a blazing legacy of being a play-offs specialist. In Julian Edelman’s case, he most certainly can – everything he did was blockbuster, underlined by grit and rugged determination. When seeing

Round 4 – Collingwood v GWS: Weary bones refuse to work in chilly conditions

In the cross-city rivalries, Melbourne’s foe is known for turning on dismal weather in critical times, particularly during cricket season. But last night it was Melbourne’s turn to unleash blistering winds and splatters of icy rain. It was befitting of the night for many involved with the Collingwood Football Club. Football, somewhat surprisingly, is a mental game. As Scott Pendlebury led his team out for his record-breaking 201st game at AFL’s mecca, most fans were rugged up at home, sat in fr

Winning in Wyche – Part 2: Combining to survive

Country football has a way of forging fierce competition. Long-standing history between neighbouring towns develops easily, and is intensely stoked. When these communities clash on the footy field, it’s the telling method to settling year-long superiority. Reputations are based on these matches. Bragging rights depend on it. Wycheproof was no different. A revival during the 1950s saw them join the North Central League and have an instant impact. But as the `60s came round, Wycheproof’s sheen b

Winning in Wyche – Part 1: Growing up in the shadows of a mini landmark

Wycheproof, or Wyche, is up the Mallee. Last year Sean Mortell was commissioned by Almanac patron Hayden Kelly to complete extensive research for a series of articles about a key moment in Wycheproof history: the Under 16 footy premiership of 1969. This is the first article in the series. Wycheproof, at least in a physical sense, is just like every other Victorian country town that surrounds it in the Victorian Mallee. It has people. Schools. Pubs. Sporting teams. A train line. Farms. But it al
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